Veronica March

Veronica March

The lush, warm, breezy, sensual sound of Minneapolis St. Paul based voiceover talent Veronica March.

Tom Dheere

Tom Dheere is a 20-year veteran of the voice over industry who has narrated thousands of projects for clients in over a dozen countries. He is also a voice over business consultant, voice over business coach at Edge Studio, and is currently writing & producing a comic book. Genres:  Commercials, Corporate Narration, Industrials, Medical Narration, […]

Tim Burger

Despite doing radio for upwards of 10 years, when Tim started to make the transition into serious voice acting he learned that he had A LOT to learn! He works daily, honing and perfecting his craft, voicing commercials for clients such as Samsung and Home Depot.

The Dynamic Duo

Grant George and Jessica Gee-George, known as the “The Voiceover Dynamic Duo”, bring an authentic chemistry and synergy to voiceovers and have quickly become the go-to partner team for commercials across the country. Jessica Gee and Grant George work together frequently on commercials, ADR and Walla sessions for TV and film, cartoons, narrations, video games, […]

Tatiana Javorsky

Tatiana Javorsky has spent her entire life surrounding herself with creativity and immersing herself in all realms of art -from street art, to classical, to her first love of animation. She believes that bringing someone’s vision to life with a voice brings a very special connection to the consumer & viewer and takes pride in […]

Tamara Ryan

Tamara Ryan is a full time professional voice actress with a passion for video games and animation. Even in 5th grade, she knew she wanted to “do voices for cartoons” and became heavily involved with theater in high school. In college she co-founded the first anime convention in Kansas: Naka-Kon. To pursue her dream of voice […]

Sean Daeley

Sean Daeley has been doing voiceovers since 2013 from his personal studio in the beautiful city of Nagasaki, Japan. As a teacher of language arts and English as a Second Language as well as a voice actor, Sean understands the importance of communicating effectively, and the power of the written and spoken word. When he’s not teaching […]

Scott Reyns

Scott Reyns got his start as a voice actor in the early 2000s voicing characters in video games, and narrating industrials for technology companies. A Silicon Valley native with additional background in music, marketing and advertising, he now lives in San Francisco. Serving producers globally, his style spans cute, energetic, quirky, pensive, dark and more. His […]

Scott Lambright Smith

“Youthful, upbeat, and energetic” – These are the best words to describe Scott Lambright Smith’s voice over quality. As young as he sounds, he brings the incite that could only come from growing up in the 90’s and watching way too much television. With clients like McDonald’s, Hot Wheels, and Marvel, Scott  is a Voice […]

Scott Chambers

Scott Chambers has life experience that cuts through in his delivery – with his background in acting, television, syndicated radio and as a former CEO, he brings a high level of expertise to his performance.  Scott has served clients in North, South and Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Egypt. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Honda, […]