Sabrina Glow

Sabrina Glow

Sabrina Glow has a unique adorable Child voice with great emotional range. She is sweet, expressive, energetic, and very articulate for such a young age. Sabrina is the “kid next door” and performs animated voices, accents (native US-North American), and singing as well. Sabrina is trained in Voiceover and Acting with over 4 years of experience. Voiceover […]

Madelyn Carlson

Maddie loves doing voice over work for internet, in-store toy displays, radio, and regional television broadcast projects. She delivers in neutral, North American English and can sound like a child, tween or teenager with whatever emotion you require.   She has a George Whittam-designed professional home studio where she can provide quick turnaround projects with […]

Logan George

Logan George is one of the Boy Wonders in his well-voiced family – America’s favorite Voice Over family to be exact – The Voiceover Dynamic Duo and The Boy Wonders. At 8, Logan has lent his solid kid pipes to an array of commercials, political campaigns and films. His sound is really cute and boy […]

Lisa Biggs

Lisa’s voice has elicited teasing and nicknames like “squeaky” since grade school. Even as a sophomore in college, after giving a presentation in sociology class, her professor approached her privately to say, “Your presentation was great, but you know if anybody is going to take you seriously in the real world you’re going to have […]

Daxx George

Daxx George makes up part of America’s favorite family of Voice Over, affectionately known as the  Voiceover Dynamic Duo and the Boy Wonders. Daxx was born for this business and has the perfect sweet KID sound. He’s a real pro in the booth and has lent his voice to numerous commercials, cartoons, movies and narrations. […]

Jewels Aguirre

Jewels’ voiceover credits include: Disney, AOL, Subway, Mattel, Nickelodeon, Yahoo Messenger, Warner Bros., Sony Play Station 3. As a bi-lingual voice artist and actor, Jewels is also the voice of Dora The Explorer for merchandise

Cassie Glow

Cassie Glow has an upbeat, sweet, and expressive voice with very natural delivery. She is very articulate and has a knack for interpreting and delivering a script. Cassie’s voice ranges from Child to Tween, and she performs animated voices, accents (native US-North American), and singing as well. Cassie is trained in Voiceover and Acting with over […]

Ashley Young

Ashley Young is an experienced voiceover actress and has trained with the top voiceover coaches in Los Angeles!  She specializes  in animation and has done a full length animated movie, main character in an animated series, and the main voice in a video game!  Ashley has a versatile voice that ranges from a baby (boy […]

Alyssa Carlson

Alyssa is a high school student in Southern California who would be thrilled to deliver a teenager/young adult female, North American English voice for your project.  She loves VO and singing!  Her training includes The VO Connection drama school in Hollywood, Edge Studio in LA, and on-line classes with the Global Voice Acting Academy.  Her VO […]

Lilly Bridge

Lilly is now 13 years old, and has been doing voice overs since she was 8. She has great mic technique and is able to take direction very well. She has a standard British English accent, but is a great mimic. She also speaks French fluently with a faint English accent. She is fantastic at […]