Bart van Hulle

Bart van Hulle

Corporate (Flemish)

Commercial (Flemish)

Age 30s/40s, 40s/50s
Region International

Bart started off as a presenter for TV station Ka2 after which, he worked for SBS-station VT4, doing voiceover work for trailers. Currently is the “in-house” voice for 2BE Radio Station.

Bart really enjoys variety in his work. A commercial or corporate video? Yes, please! GPS-system or E-learning? Just up his street! Answer-phones and software? His pleasure!

And, for those who are into name-dropping, here are a few names who’ve already used his voice: Opel, Volkswagen, Fiat, Evian, Peugeot, Coca-Cola, Dunlop, Universal, Sony BMG, Mini, Goodyear, Dove, Nivea, Rexona.