Brian Amador



Commercial (Spanish)

Narration (Spanish)

Hispanic-Accented English

Age 40s/50s
Region International

Brian Amador is a native Spanish/English, bilingual voiceover actor with over 20 years of experience.

Brian’s voice is best described as warm, rich, reassuring, professional, upbeat, and inviting. Although he has no accent in either language, he can speak English with whatever degree of Hispanic accent required, as well as infuse his neutral Latin American Spanish with a Mexican accent or add a touch of a “gringo” accent (that is to say, infuse his Spanish with an American accent) upon request. Brian’s acting experience enables him to give a range of interpretations to the text and his tone can range from kind and empathetic, childlike and whimsical; professional, serious and formal for more informational reads; and enthusiastic and convincing for commercial reads.

Brian is a flexible voiceover actor and welcomes new challenges. As a professional guitarist and composer of Latin music for adults and bilingual music for children for the past 3 years Brian been chosen to narrate and compose instrumental music for numerous children’s audio books and eLearning projects with major publishers. He welcomes any opportunity to use his talents for his client’s projects.

From his own broadcast-quality professional studio he has done hundreds of voiceovers for documentaries, tutorials and industrials, medical/health institutions, children’s books, eLearning, interactive websites, including character voices for senior men and animated characters.