Charlotte Ann





Age 20s/30s
Region International

Born in the New York Bronx and later perfecting her cow-tipping skills in Ohio, Charlotte has been active in the performing arts ever since she debuted as an Angel in her first grade Christmas Pageant. Rave reviews followed her as she graduated from Fort Hayes Performing Arts High School and into the University of Southern California’s Theatre program.

Charlotte has honed her talents to become a fiercely dedicated, top voiceover performer who is as friendly as she is skilled. She has that great girl-next-door, conversational, believable voice that listeners can easily relate to. She takes great pride in her voiceover work and strives to give her clients “rainbows and unicorns” with every opportunity.
Charlotte resides in sunny Los Angeles with her hubby and beloved purple voiceover booth. She enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and making funny faces in the mirror. She also sings and plays trumpet with the Angel City Chorale.