Dan Hurst

Commercial (English)

Commercial (Spanish)

Narration (English)

Narration (English Hispanic Accent)

Age 30s/40s, 40s/50s

You’ve heard Dan. You may not have known it, but you’ve heard that voice that ranges from smooth, deep, warm and friendly voiceovers to high-energy hard-sell in flawless unaccented English and/or Spanish (one of the few truly bilingual voice talents in America)! And Yes! He does translations also! As a voice talent, he’s sold everything from perfume to plastics; from treadmills to trucks; from assurance to insurance; and from fast food to fast cars. You’ve heard him on late night TV and when you were on-hold waiting…and waiting…and waiting. You wondered who that voice was. Now you know. My client list includes: Universal Studios, Pizza Hut, Sprint, Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Ford, McDonalds, Telemundo, among others.