Dave DeAndrea





Age 20s/30s, 30s/40s
Region International

Commercial, Corporate, Casual…or a little bit Crazy. That’s Voicey Award Winning Male Voice Actor, Dave DeAndrea.

His credits include National Ad Campaigns (Toyota, AutoNation, Regus, Evinrude, Westwood College, Nascar), Corporate Narrations (LPL Financial, Panasonic, Duracell, PetSmart), Animation and Video Games (Axe Cop, Heroes of Newerth), Radio and TV Imaging (SmoothJazz.com, SBN), and everything in between.

Dave’s early 1980’s realization that he just wasn’t cut out to be a professional break-dancer led him to a love for being a scratch/mix DJ and spinning records instead of spinning on his head. He soon grew roots in radio and discovered a natural talent in the production room which garnered him lots of attention as the commercials he produced were being requested by listeners more than the music the station played!

From those days of splicing reel to reel tape to now editing with the click of a mouse, Dave has translated his talents into a successful international career as a voice actor and producer. Dave’s studio is on the beautiful Southern Oregon coast where he resides with his lovely wife, Kristen, and their family.