Duke Morgan



Animation and Video Games

Age 40s/50s
Region International

Duke Morgan is a former broadcast radio journalist, radio news anchor, interviewer to the stars and former well-known radio drive home host to millions of listeners worldwide.

He is a published magazine writer and as an actor appeared in movies such as “The Long Kiss Goodnight” starring Geena Davis, “Devil’s Food” starring Suzanne Somers and “Undue Influence” starring Brian Dennehy.

 Duke’s voice has been heard on movie trailers for television; video games; animated cartoon shows and many national and regional radio and television commercials, many of which he creates, writes produces and voices.  He was also the signature and imaging voice for a major television network in Canada for eighteen years.

 Duke has a devoted love for all animals especially dogs because of their warmth, extreme intelligence and unconditional love.  During his many years on the radio one animal shelter credited Duke with saving the lives of some 700 dogs because of his relentless plea in asking his listening audience to consider adopting just one dog and save a life.

Duke is also the recipient of The Marconi Award for his overall excellence in interviewing many well-known celebrities.