Jennifer Vaughn





Age 30s/40s
Region International

Jennifer entered the voice-over industry in the early 1990s through radio imaging and concert promotions as the branding voice of WAAF in Boston, BAY-FM Tokyo, and several national advertising concert campaigns. Jennifer has completed voice-overs on an astonishing variety of projects, ranging from commercial to documentary, and television/radio promo signature work, to tutorials for leading/top Fortune 100 companies in the world. Lending herself as a promo voice for NBC Today Show, HBO, and Discovery Channel, and the documentary narrator for motivational speaker Tony Robbins, as well as wildlife series, “Discover the Wild”, in addition to the voice of hundreds of tutorials for American Express, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, and Marriott. She also continues to work on medical/pharmaceutical narration training for both the US military and collegiate universities and books. She is most well-known for being the leading voice/authority on female voice talent in the industry of Radio and Television affiliate Imaging/Branding. That is, signature voice talent for the branding of radio and television stations all across the globe in almost every country, continent and format. The more unique projects have been the voice of a GPS navigational system which took two years to complete and required over 120,000 phrases in which a phonetic key for reading was required to learn, a phonetic that is foreign to any standard dictionary.