Jenny Maher



Phone Prompts

Age 20s/30s, 30s/40s
Region Ireland

Jenny has an impressive resumé of commercial work including campaigns for many leading brands such as McDonalds, Toyota, MasterCard, Kellogs, Vodafone, Mace, and An Post.

Her talent for character work has seen Jenny play multiple roles within a number of animation projects for Brown Bag Productions, Funcom and Monster. Jenny has performed with numerous theatre companies including Fishamble, Red Kettle, Lane Productions, Magpie and Kalamari. As well as her work in theatre, she is well known on the Irish TV and film scene, having starred in Upwardly Mobile, The Clinic, Bloom, Pinned, Finbar’s Class and has played various characters in the popular satire show Bull Island.

Since moving to America, Jenny’s voiceover work has continued to thrive in her new home town of Chicago. Now, she has a fully equipped hom studio, so you can work with her directly through your favourite studios in Dublin as if she was sitting in the booth next to you!