Karl Jenkinson


Age 30s/40s
Region International

Described as the closest thing there is, to a National Voice. Karl is ‘Everyman’. His warm, friendly conversational style lends a credible believability to any project. Often the affable Tradesman extolling the virtues of DIY, Ronseal, Liberon, Worcester Bosch, Travis Perkins, Greggs or the Ford Transit. Reach for the dark side however, and expect tough, passionate and brooding. Think Mitchell Brother – times two! The British Army, The TA, NSPCC, Barnados and for the Gamers….Monroe in Sony’s Worldwide Franchise ‘The Getaway – Black Monday’. TV Credits include ‘Lions Behaving Badly’, ’Mean Machines’, ‘Call Me a Cabbie’, ‘Battle of the Brides’, Fanny & Friends’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity’.