Kathleen Warner Yeates



Age 30s/40s
Region Ireland

Kathleen is an award winning actor having worked on stage, TV and film for over 35 years in New York City and now in Dublin, Ireland. Most recently, Kathleen appeared as Aunt Carroll in the BBC One/PBS mini-series “Little Women” opposite Angela Lansbury.  As an actor, singer, writer, director and acting coach, Kathleen loves  “playing with the voice” and creating stories for theatre and film in her company Flying Turtle Productions. Additionally, Kathleen works as a corporate communications consultant for companies such as Google, Microsoft, A&L Goodbody.
Kathleen’s passion for the voice and her and vast experience as an actor, means that she delivers clears and creative choices. Her rich warm tones and versatile understanding of language and character, allow her to dive into any text and bring it to life – that and a wacky sense of humour