Michael Robles



Commercial (Spanish)

Animation (Spanish)

Age 20s/30s, Teens
Region International

Michael graduated with a BA Journalism from Fresno State University. As a voice artist, some of his commercial clients include: Under Armour, Taco Bell, Flickr, Subway, Pandora, T-Mobile, Nerf, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Kellogg’s and Verizon. Michael’s voice has featured in video games such as Splatterhouse, Babblemania Spanish, Math Blaster and Transformers, as well as numerous animation and e-learning projects. He has narrated the following audiobooks: The Last Book in the Universe; El Lanzador; Tiro Libre 
Have You Seen my Kitten; All We See or Seem; End Times; Undiscovered; Locker Rooml; and Casey and Derek, On The Ice. Michael can deliver the exact read the client looks for on the first try. He’s a superlative bi-lingual voice artist.