Mike Cooper





Age 30s/40s
Region International

Mike is an experienced British voiceover artist who will be instantly familiar to international radio listeners as one of the voices of the BBC World Service. With great sight reading skills and a talent for interpreting dry, technical reads in a creative way, plus a neutral British voice that’s friendly, yet authoritative and highly articulate,

Mike finds himself in demand for corporate and industrial work, medical, training and eLearning projects, as well as commercials and documentary narrations. Mike’s voiceover career started at age 6, when his teacher realised he had an advanced reading age and wasn’t afraid of reading aloud. This meant a weary Mrs Roberts was able to catch up on some valuable nap-time (which made her very happy), with the added bonus that it gave Mike an idea, very early on, of what he’d love to do for a career.

By 17 he was working for BBC Radio, and he hasn’t stopped since, with time spent both sides of the glass in TV and radio, a spell in TV directing, and more. In 2007, a walk-in wardrobe at his flat in London confessed its secret desire to become a voiceover booth – and the rest is history!