Perry Anne Norton



Age 40s/50s, 50+
Region International

Friendly and reliable, Perry Norton has been working full-time in VO for over a decade, after years of producing for TV and radio. Notable VO clients include, Discovery (series narrator), A+E Network, Citizen Watches, Hasbro, Pfizer, Mars Inc, Game Creators UK, Mercedes-Benz and Intel. She has numerous international clients and is happy to be included on the Volcanic roster. Perry’s particular passion is for documentary work – but she’s very pleased that a character she voices for an Australian cartoon (Little Space Heroes) is immortalised as a stuffed toy. Perry’s background in music (electric guitar and vox) helps inform the editing and post-production services she also provides clients. She’s just finishing a state-of-the art music studio which will also serve as an improved VO space.