Ray Cuddihy


Age 20s/30s
Region Ireland

Ray ‘Wingnut’ Cuddihy is currently the resident puppeteer and young peoples programming creator with RTÉ Television. Since joining in 2014, he has developed flagship and central puppet characters on shows such as ‘Twigín’ and ‘The Why Guy’ , both for RTÉ Jr. He is also puppeteer and prolific sketch writer with the fast-paced RTÉ 2 television show ‘Swipe TV’for the 8 – 12yrs age group. In this show Ray performs most notably an adventurous and gregarious character/presenter, Mebs.

Ray established his skills and trade in theatrical performance with National Theatre of Ireland company Fibín. He has trained and worked as a professional actor, live puppeteer, stage manager, tour manager and producer.

Aside from exciting and humourous theatre and television, Ray is an award-winning radio producer and presenter on his weekly radio show ‘Spin ALT’ broadcast on Spin South West.

Previously Ray has co-founded non-profit arts and radio projects such as Wingnut Records (promoting independent music sector throughout Ireland) and Curious Broadcast (online arts radio station and production company).