Rebecca Davis




Age 20s/30s, 30s/40s
Region International

Rebecca began her professional acting career at the ripe old age of 5 in New York, and hasn’t stopped performing all over the world since. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she earned her MFA in Acting from UCLA. She also holds a BFA in Acting from The University of Texas at Austin. Rebecca brings her versatility as an actor to every piece of copy she encounters. Whether you’re looking for the warm sweet friend next door, the eccentric cat lady, the little boy, the natural conversationalist, the caring mom, the bratty teenager, the kind nurse, the frantic chatterbox, the soothing narrator, the little old grannie that could, or even the tough solider, she can do it all. When she’s not behind the mic or on stage, you can find her hiking out and about, working with underprivileged youth, running around with a camera, or planning her next adventure. Special Skills: She has yet to learn how to ride a bicycle, and can do an awesome seal bark.