Sean Daeley



On Hold

Age 20s/30s
Region International
Sean Daeley has been doing voiceovers since 2013 from his personal studio in the beautiful city of Nagasaki, Japan. As a teacher of language arts and English as a Second Language as well as a voice actor, Sean understands the importance of communicating effectively, and the power of the written and spoken word. When he’s not teaching or entertaining his students, he spends his time reading, researching, and practicing his craft. (In other words, reading comic books, singing Karaoke, watching cartoons, and doing silly voices.)
Sean connects to audiences with his easy-going yet clear and professional delivery. Casual and warm or direct and authoritative, Sean is able to command and connect with his listeners. With a broad range of voices and recordings that are consistently high quality, Sean has been described by clients as “a consummate professional.”