Shelley Avellino



Age: 30s/40s
Region: International

As a recognized professional Voice Acting Specialist, Shelley provides that perfect Neutral British sound that promotes some of the best fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world, such as Microsoft, BMW, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and more. Her clients say that their scripts “definitely come to life” when they use her voice.  

As a top rated talent, she delivers the perfect blend of British Neutral tones with a splash of smoothness; oodles of charm, a pinch of the natural and believable and you have what her client’s consistently say is “The Real Deal”.

Shelley’s professional studio in the USA, turns around projects in 24hrs or less and has recorded from Sydney to Russia, USA to London and Dubai to Belgium and connects to the rest of the world via iPDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype and Phone Patch.