Sonia Amador



Audiobook (Bilingual)

Age Teens
Region International

Sonia Amador is a bilingual, bicultural voiceover talent – she is booked for her native neutral Latin American Spanish and standard North American English voiceovers with no accent in either language. A teenager, she voices teenage, young adult, young women and child characters in her native Latin American Spanish. Her voice is best described as youthful, playful, and conversational.

She is often booked for commercial spots and narrations that capitalize on her storytelling skills and acting ability to portray younger voices, especially an English or Spanish child’s voice and for educational tutorials. She has voiced for Pandora Radio, commercials, informational web videos, eLearning modules, bilingual audiobooks, educational apps and museum audio tours.

Sonia is the daughter of prominent voice actors Rosi and Brian Amador, of Amador Bilingual Voiceovers and the twin sister of fellow Volcanite Alisa Amador. In 2011 she voiced her first audiobook with her family. In 2012 she voiced her first bilingual children’s audiobook, “Hola Mar/Hello Ocean” on her own.