Stacey Turner




Age 30s/40s
Region International

Voice actor Stacey Turner’s name is synonymous with versatility. Whether she is pitching a product, expanding a viewer’s knowledge or entertaining a child, Stacey’s expressive performances and compelling characters draw you in. On the commercial side, Stacey specializes in reads that are real, warm, wry, authoritative or flirtatious. In short, this gal’s got range. If performing animated voices were a sport, Stacey would be a utility player. She can perform sweet little kids, sassy teenagers, heroines, grouchy old ladies and accents from around the globe with ease. A former journalist, Stacey is used to working under deadline pressure and thinking quickly on her feet. Clients have complimented her on the warmth of her voice, her confident yet accessible delivery, and the ease with which she handles complicated subjects. A number of international corporations have entrusted their projects to Stacey’s voice, so should you.