Toni Frutin

Toni Frutin

Toni has a velvety, sultry, earthy voice with a soft Scottish accent. Her delivery is confident, believable and trustworthy. She can be heard most evenings on STV (Scottish Television) where she has been a continuity announcer for the past eight years. Toni trained as an actress and can bring character and depth to scripts where […]

Taff Girdlestone

Taff Girdlestone is a UK voice-artist who fell into the voiceover world somewhat by accident. Having lucked into a job writing radio ads after college he discovered his natural flair for voiceovers by chance (the producer tutting and saying “You’ll have to ruddy voice this bit”).    He left to voice full-time in 1994 and […]

Simon Fellows

A warm, rich and distinctive voice, Simon is an experienced, full-time VO able to provide a fast turnaround from his professional home studio. Recent clients include: Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic, CNN, Kawasaki, Sony, Cunard, ITV, Bosch, TomTom, BBC, Credit Suisse, Discovery, Jaegermeister, Roland Instruments, Yonex and Bonhams Auctioneers to name a few.

Shelley Avellino

As a recognized professional Voice Acting Specialist, Shelley provides that perfect Neutral British sound that promotes some of the best fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world, such as Microsoft, BMW, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and more. Her clients say that their scripts “definitely come to life” when they use her voice.   As a top rated talent, […]

Sara Starling

Having spent 20 years working for BBC TV & Radio, Sara is an experienced voiceover who works for clients all over the globe, providing voiceovers for TV & Radio commercials, websites, corporate projects, documentaries, medical narrations, video games, audio & travel guides, e-learning – you name it! A warm fresh, assured voice you can trust.

Peter Bishop

A British national and a native Londoner, Peter has lived in New York since the late-90s. He departed the corporate world in 2004, and for the past ten years, has been a full-time voiceover, working from both New York production houses and his own ISDN-equipped studio. Bringing with him a solid engineering and business background, […]

Paul Dean-Kelly

Paul is a trained actor and has an amazing range of voices and tones suitable for every style of read from dramatic to comic and beyond! In a long and varied voiceover career, Paul has worked in every aspect of the business from animation to corporate to games and TV promos for the BBC, History […]

Noni Lewis

Warm, naturally engaging voice with a mellifluous Welsh lilt. Versatile with a fantastic ear for accents and a fluent Welsh speaker. Noni is a versatile bilingual VO and actor with many years experience who has voiced many different styles and accents over the years. Her character work has ranged from the large and lovable Mrs Girdling […]

Mike Cooper

Mike is an experienced British voiceover artist who will be instantly familiar to international radio listeners as one of the voices of the BBC World Service. With great sight reading skills and a talent for interpreting dry, technical reads in a creative way, plus a neutral British voice that’s friendly, yet authoritative and highly articulate, […]

Michelle Livings

With several years of professional experience in broadcasting behind the camera, Michelle made the leap onto TV screens nationally, whilst at the same time, indulging in her passion for music through radio. A broad education afforded by the International Baccalaureate led to a place at Reading University to read Linguistics with French. Her fluency in […]