Liz O’Sullivan

Liz O’Sullivan

Liz is an Irish actor and Voice Over from South Dublin. She has a beautiful soft rasp and can tap into any regional accent if needed. Most recently Liz has voiced for Tesco Ireland . As an actor has featured in the Michael Douglas production ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ and was also […]

Veronica March

The lush, warm, breezy, sensual sound of Minneapolis St. Paul based voiceover talent Veronica March.

Verónica Colasanto

Verónica Colasanto is a Brazil-based voice talent, professional translator and Conference interpreter originally from Argentina, having started her professional career as a voiceover in 1990. Her nice, kind voice is in high demand for IVR, Commercials and Training projects. Although she mostly records into Neutral Lat. American Spanish, Veronica can perform an Argentinean accent as […]

Toni Frutin

Toni has a velvety, sultry, earthy voice with a soft Scottish accent. Her delivery is confident, believable and trustworthy. She can be heard most evenings on STV (Scottish Television) where she has been a continuity announcer for the past eight years. Toni trained as an actress and can bring character and depth to scripts where […]

The Dynamic Duo

Grant George and Jessica Gee-George, known as the “The Voiceover Dynamic Duo”, bring an authentic chemistry and synergy to voiceovers and have quickly become the go-to partner team for commercials across the country. Jessica Gee and Grant George work together frequently on commercials, ADR and Walla sessions for TV and film, cartoons, narrations, video games, […]

Taylor Kaye

Taylor Kaye is a Youtube, TV and Radio personality. She has appeared in Canada, the US and around the world. Taylor has a full broadcast studio available and supplies voice-overs to advertising agencies, video production companies and is the imaging voice for many radio stations, movie studios, TV networks. Taylor Kaye combines professional production (with […]

Tatiana Javorsky

Tatiana Javorsky has spent her entire life surrounding herself with creativity and immersing herself in all realms of art -from street art, to classical, to her first love of animation. She believes that bringing someone’s vision to life with a voice brings a very special connection to the consumer & viewer and takes pride in […]

Tamara Ryan

Tamara Ryan is a full time professional voice actress with a passion for video games and animation. Even in 5th grade, she knew she wanted to “do voices for cartoons” and became heavily involved with theater in high school. In college she co-founded the first anime convention in Kansas: Naka-Kon. To pursue her dream of voice […]

Stefania Lintonbon

Stefania is a professional American voice actress based in the UK. She is an experienced VO who has voiced work for a wide variety of industries – from professional corporate voiceovers to more zany character voices (as well as everything in between!) This means that Stefania’s voice is a versatile tool for any project.   […]

Stacey Turner

Voice actor Stacey Turner’s name is synonymous with versatility. Whether she is pitching a product, expanding a viewer’s knowledge or entertaining a child, Stacey’s expressive performances and compelling characters draw you in. On the commercial side, Stacey specializes in reads that are real, warm, wry, authoritative or flirtatious. In short, this gal’s got range. If performing […]